Virgin Media CEO urges merged BT/EE to offer 'fair terms'

Virgin Media CEO urges merged BT/EE to offer 'fair terms'

Virgin Media’s CEO has called on the newly merged BT/EE

 to give fair terms to mobile operators.


Describing the CMA’s decision as ‘a compliment’, Tom Mockridge urged the new BT/EE entity to live up to the regulator’s assessment that the deal will not negatively impact competition in the market.


‘It is a compliment to Virgin Media and other challenger telecoms companies in the UK that this deal has been approved,’ he said.


‘The new BT has nearly half the share of telecoms revenues, including the lion’s share of central government and b2b business, and it has a comprehensive copper network by virtue of inheriting the country’s 19th Century infrastructure investment. In many jurisdictions this acquisition would have had at least some conditions attached.


‘Clearly, BT-EE has the resources to meet any government imposed Universal Service Obligation itself rather than recommending a tax is imposed on new entrants and transferred to itself.


‘Similarly, we expect that, for the benefit of UK consumers, the company will live up to the CMA’s findings that it will offer fair and reasonable terms to challenger mobile operators.’


The CEO’s support is a stark contrast to TalkTalk’s criticism of the deal. The MVNO, who in the past has been publically vocal in its disapproval of BT’s takeover of EE, slammed the CMA for a decision that it branded ‘dangerous’.


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