Ofcom shifts focus of Vodafone billing investigation

Ofcom shifts focus of Vodafone billing investigation

Ofcom has shifted the focus of its investigation into Vodafone’s billing practises.

The UK regulator has decided to take a closer look at the network’s complaints handling procedure.

The investigation was launched last year after Ofcom received a high number of customer complaints surrounding problems with Vodafone’s billing system.

The probe revealed that billing problems with the network weren’t putting customers in financial harm. However many of the complaints arose after customers contacted Vodafone directly to resolve the billing issue.

Because of this, Ofcom have decided to refocus their investigation and place greater scrutiny on the way Vodafone handles complaints. However the regulator stressed that it will continue to monitor the network’s billing.

Vodafone expressed confidence that this will soon be resolved: ‘We have put new systems into place which over the longer term will improve customer services and are optimistic that the issues which some customers have experienced will be resolved over the coming months.

‘We are pleased that Ofcom has concluded this investigation into our billing procedures and has concluded that we have established processes and procedures in place to actively monitor billing issues, when they occur, and to fix them in a timely manner, including taking appropriate remedial action, where necessary. ‘

Vodafone’s 2016 pledge

The network’s comments follows those made by CEO Jeroen Hoencamp at the end of last year, pledging ‘marked improvements’ in 2016. His comments came after a year of poor customer satisfaction ratings for the network, receiving the highest number of customer complaints for five consecutive quarters.

Speaking at the time he expressed confidence that Vodafone’s £2bn investment into improving customer service will start to pay off: ‘Over the last two years, Vodafone UK has made its most significant investment in our 30-year history. The results of that investment are coming through, and in 2016, customers will experience marked improvements in our core networks.’




I am having an ongoing 2 year nightmare with vodafone. they continually send me a bill I dont owe and when I didnt pay it as they told me I didnt owe ...
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