BT argues the case for Openreach

BT argues the case for Openreach

BT has launched a major advertising campaign defending Openreach’s relationship with BT.

The telecoms giant has also hit back at those that say the network management unit should be split from BT in the ad.

The business is making a direct appeal to the public using a full page advertisement in a number of national newspapers to respond to criticism directed towards Openreach and BT’s strong market position.

Titled ‘A few home truths about Britain’s broadband’ BT puts forward what it believes to be ‘The Fiction’ and ‘The Facts’ surrounding the issue.

Dominance and competition

Competition has been one of the topics of complaint for rivals of BT, with the brand being accused of stifling competition. Addressing the issue directly the firm said that the ‘UK has one of the most competitive broadband markets in the world.’

BT also points out that it annually invests £500m in research and development that directly benefits Openreach. Something that would be lost were the business to be split.

BT’s ramping up of a public awareness campaign comes as Ofcom examines Openreach in its Digital Communications Market Review. Competition is a hot topic for Ofcom CEO Sharon White who has been consistently outspoken on the issue.

Commenting on the reasons for placing the adverts a BT spokesman told Mobile it was to let the public know the ‘facts’ about UK broadband progress: ‘We decided to publish a series of adverts as it's important that the public knows the facts about Broadband Britain. Some critics have been trying to claim that the UK is a broadband laggard but independent data shows we lead the EU major states for superfast availability and coverage.’


So Captain Gavin of the ma**ive ship SS BT has finally twigged that hes sailing towards the rocks of public opinion and hes sounding the siren hoping ...
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