MWC 2016: Samsung says it's listening at S7 launch

MWC 2016: Samsung says it's listening at S7 launch

Samsung is listening’ was the message from DJ Koh, Samsung’s global president of the mobile communications division at the launch of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices in Barcelona.

In a speech that touched on Koh’s many years at the manufacturer the mobile president said the brand said they would not assuming that they knew what the customer wanted or needed with its new products.

‘We’ll never assume we know everything or presume to tell customers what they should want’ said Koh, ‘there is something better than being all knowing, being human. We are human in all of our failings, we are human in our efforts to listen learn and understand. Show us a problem and we will solve it show us a barrier and we will overcome it.

'I was the first non engineer to run the R & D department at Samsung. What I’ve learnt is how to listen and then take a bold decision. As a company samsung has learned how to listen and then make bold decisions too. Our commitment has always been to listening and understanding what you want.'

The phone was introduced at a pre-Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona using a VR headset. Attendees viewed the phones for the first time whilst through the lens of the Galaxy Gear VR headset.

Koh also said he felt a great deal of responsibility in his role at the head of the mobile division, he said: ‘As president of Samsung’s mobile division I feel a deep responsibility to hundreds of millions of people around the world who love our products.’

Samsung also highlight the importance of services and other connected products at the ‘Unpacked event’. Koh told the crowd that that the development of these additional areas enriched the smartphone experience. ‘Today we stand at the beginning of a new era’ he said ‘At the start 2016 you think who doesn’t take smartphones for granted? At Samsung we have other ideas, what others see as a limit we see an opportunity to do more.’


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