X will replace Z Xperia range, Sony confirms

X will replace Z Xperia range, Sony confirms

Sony has confirmed that its new range of smartphones the X series will replace its current Z series of devices.

The news was confirmed in a statement to Xperia blog which said that the move represented an ‘evolution of [its] product strategy’.

The manufacturer announced at the launch of its X range at Mobile World Congress that it would be embarking on an ‘intelligent’ new strategy in regards to mobile.

Mobile division boss Hiroki Totoki told the audience in Barcelona that there was nothing to be gained from needlessly adding new features to handsets.


In recent years there have been a number of occasions when the Japanese manufacturer’s commitment to smartphones has been questioned.

Last summer the brand denied rumours that it was set to exit the market reiterating its commitment to the space.

The point made by the manufacturer was that the constant engagement that people have with their phones positions the brand in a place that cannot be ignored. With this in mind Sony had no intention of taking itself out the market.


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