‘Samsung the challenger’ UK boss’s plan to unseat Apple

‘Samsung the challenger’ UK boss’s plan to unseat Apple

Samsung’s UK mobile boss Conor Pierce has told Mobile that he believes the manufacturer has made ‘great inroads’ in rivalling Apple in the premium side of the market during a ‘challenging year’.

The former-Nokia man, who has now been in the Samsung hot seat for a year, said that the brand remained a ‘challenger’ in the premium side of the market, but was well–positioned to win more customers from Apple.

‘It’s been a challenging year because we are a challenger in the premium space,’ Pierce said, ‘the premium space represents three quarters of the value in the market and we have made some great inroads, the team has done a wonderful job.

‘The Samsung team has undergone significant change. But what’s more important is what we’re now hearing from our partners, which is that they now see us as long term partners who can bring value to our business, rather than just vendors who they’re trying to sell at the best price.’

Market capacity

Pierce explained that the changes he has made to the sales and distribution strategy had been key to improve the brand’s relationships with UK partners. He said this equipped them to help bring a change to the UK market: ‘We have something really powerful to bring about this change in the market that’s required. We did a lot of work on our distribution strategy last year because it was required.

‘I’m not in to creating a false economy, I look at the capacity of the market, I look at our ambition and I look at how we need to engage with the market and the volumes we need without drowning it. When you drown the market with premature price promotion you lose credibility with your customers and you encourage trading. That’s not where Samsung wants to be. We want to be valuable partners not quarterly traders.’



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