Alcatel after millennials with brand change

Alcatel after millennials with brand change

Alcatel has explained that a driving force behind its change of name was in order to appeal to the ‘millennials’ market segment.

The brand announced that it would be dropping Onetouch from its name last week during the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. A move that UK mobile boss William Paterson told Mobile would be followed up with marketing efforts across different media.

Last year, Alcatel embarked on a significant global marketing campaign in support of its Idol 3 flagship device.

‘The new brand just looks brilliant and now is the right time to do it of the back of the success we had last year with Idol.’ Paterson said: ‘We’ve brought the Idol 4 out, changed the brand a bit and really focused on our target audience; which is millennials.

‘There was a whole load of work done with the brand and this group. It seems that now the brand looks a whole lot more approachable, it’s softer it’s a bit more encompassing, that’s fantastic. What we’ll also do is that we’re currently planning our activity around Idol 4 and a lot of that will be targeted towards millennials. So we’re doing a lot of social media and other traditional media but making it a lot more targeted at that audience.’

‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’ are the most sought after target audience by manufacturers, defined as those born from the early 80s to the 2000s this market is often considered the most influential.

B2B boost

Paterson said that Alcatel had made great progress in the UK in past year with B2B one market in particular where the manufacturer had gained traction.

‘We made a lot of progress in B2B,’ he said, ‘it’s a really new segment for us. The two guys that I have that work in the open market are really active in those channels. We found that we had a great opportunity there, that we had a great product, bringing real value and differentiation to them and the normal products allowing these B2B channels to make more margin effectively, and we’ve got great traction there.’


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