Alcatel to launch UK retail field marketing team

Alcatel to launch UK retail field marketing team

Alcatel is set to launch a UK retail field marketing team this year.

The manufacturer’s UK and Ireland country director William Paterson told Mobile that he believed the addition of a retail marketing team can help the manufacturer kick on in the UK.

‘We’ll be launching our retail field team this year,’ said Paterson ‘it will enable us to really be able to go into retailers, to talk about product to talk about the proposition, what we’re about, what we’re doing with the brand as well.

Selecting the right team

Having revamped its brand last month and dropped the Onetouch from the name Paterson has set his sights on a marketing team that can really communicate the new brand values in a retail environment.

Selecting the right individuals for the role Paterson believes is absolutely crucial to the team’s success as he explained to Mobile: ‘You have to do it right, you have to have a team of people that are out there that are Alcatel. We’ll use an agency for outsourcing because that’s the most efficient way to do it, but they’re Alcatel. Five days a week Alcatel, that’s who they work for, that’s what they do. They have to feel part of my team. Then they really become immersed in the brand immersed in the product and for brand values that’s really, really critical.’

‘I remember three years ago going into a store, I said who I was, that I was from Alcatel and said you’ve got one of our products how’s it doing? They said “yeah it’s doing great”. There was another product with quite a big promotion around it and I said how’s that doing you selling a lot around that? He said “no”. I said but it’s got a really good promotion around it a lot of good above the line around it, why’s it not selling? He said “we don’t like the rep that comes in”.

‘We have to have a brand that really represents our ethics, what we’re about and that’s what we’re really focusing on now.’  



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