Apple’s battles continue to raise the data issue

Apple’s battles continue to raise the data issue

Apple’s defiance regarding government access of customers’ personal data has continued to cause controversy in the mobile market.

The manufacturer is currently involved in two US cases where authorities are attempting to use the courts to force Apple to unlock devices. As well as the much-publicised Californian court case relating to access to the suspect’s phone in the San Bernardino shooting, in New York the manufacturer is also being pushed by the US government to unlock a device in relation to a drugs case.

The issue of personal data has been hotly debated both sides of the Atlantic, with the UK government pushing forward legislation that would require network operators to hold internet connection records for up to a year.

Addressing Apple’s standpoint from a UK mobile operator perspective, Ronan Dunne told a media dinner at MWC that the manufacturer’s stance was to be expected: ‘Apple has an ecosystem and a model which is not predicated on the use of the personal information it gathers for commercial purposes, unlike others in the ecosystem. So it is legitimate for Apple to at least champion that particular standpoint because it doesn’t want inconsistencies in the business model and the approach it takes.’   


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