Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S7 UK stock shortage

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S7 UK stock shortage

There is Samsung Galaxy S7 stock shortage in the UK, Mobile understands.

A number of industry insiders have told to Mobile that enough stock hasn’t been produced for the UK market, and with a three week wait for new handsets suggesting that issue is connected to sales forecasting. It is understood that the stock is mainly affecting distribution channels and that mobile networks have found the stock needed for pre-orders.

In the past some have criticised Samsung for having too much stock in the market, and a shortage of UK stock could also be interpreted as an effort to increase demand.

Excess inventory Speaking to Mobile about the brands approach to excess inventory at Mobile World Congress, mobile VP Conor Pierce said: ‘We’ve been working with our partners to ensure we don’t have excessive inventory, we know how damaging that can be. I’m not in to creating a false economy, I look at the capacity of the market, I look at our ambition and I look at how we need to engage with the market the volumes we need without drowning it. ‘When you drown the market with premature price promotion you lose credibility with your customers you encourage trading. That’s not where Samsung wants to be. We want to be valuable partners not quarterly traders.’


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