ZTE scales up UK drive with product launch

ZTE scales up UK drive with product launch

ZTE has told Mobile it will ramp up its drive into the UK smartphone market, using a diverse product portfolio to do so.

Waiman Lam, VP of global mobile and technology, told Mobile the manufacturer will look for new ways to approach the UK, using a range of new products to do so.

He said: ‘The UK is one of the European markets we will be putting more focus on, and we will find opportunities to get more attention there. We have a whole suite of products to tailor to different needs.’

Lam explained that one way in which ZTE will look to grow its European market presence is through the launch of the manufacturer’s Spro Plus, a smart projector that turns into a tablet. He explained that the product holds a number of business and consumer use cases, with the manufacturer hoping to target a wide audience.

‘The smart projector is more than a projector – it’s a multi-functional machine –  it has very good professional-grade projection capability and a full-blown tablet experience. It’s also very mobile and there’s a lot of business applications such as interactive white boards.

‘It can also become a PC, play movies and become a gaming device, so we believe this can become the second most useful device after a smartphone. We invented a new category of device and the industry has caught up and now other players have started jumping in to develop a similar product, but we have always been a leader and we will continue to dominate.’


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