EE comes out top of Ofcom’s smartphone city test

EE comes out top of Ofcom’s smartphone city test

An Ofcom report into smartphone performance in UK cities has found EE to be the strongest network across the board.

The UK’s largest network topped the performance reports in download speeds, web browsing speeds, upload speeds, video streaming and call success rate.

Ofcom carried out tests in Norwich, Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Edinburgh between November and December 2015. The cities were chosen because they were all locations where networks had rolled out their 4G networks. The regulator was attempting to gather a ‘real world’ snapshot of service quality on 4G devices.

EE’s benchmarking boost

The BT-owned business has performed well so far in a number of different network tests. In October, the brand topped the annual P3 Communications benchmarking test. This was followed in February by a strong performance in the Rootmetrics network tests.

An EE spokesperson told Mobile: ‘This is great news for our customers, who expect and deserve the best from their network. Ofcom recognises that EE's customers enjoy the best speeds and the most successful calls across the cities tested.

‘Speed is important, not just for speed itself, but as a sign that a network has the capacity to provide a reliable service to its customers at the busiest times. We’re not stopping – we’re adding more capacity and coverage to keep delivering the UK’s best network experience. EE customers with the latest LTE-A and 4G+ handsets will already be experiencing even greater speeds than those captured by this survey.’




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