April Fools 2016: Ghost catchers, teleportation & the Internet of Trousers

April Fools 2016: Ghost catchers, teleportation & the Internet of Trousers

Mobile’s biggest players have unveiled a range of strange and dubious tech creations in keeping with this year’s April Fool’s day, how many have you fallen for?


HTC fits like a gluuv

The latest news in wearables comes from manufacturer HTC who has launched Gluuv, a wearable that when paired with the HTC One M8, turns the users entire arm into a bionic limb. The manufacturer said that images can be taken with a fist bump while giving a thumbs up will automatically like Facebook posts.





The Internet of Trousers

Samsung has launched the next big thing in the IoT world; connected trousers. According to the manufacturer, ‘The intelligent trousers, which combine the latest in high-tech with high fashion, were designed to address the pain points of everyday apparel’.




Who ya gonna call? Sony

 Sony has produced the world’s first working ghost catching machine. The manufacturer as revealed its proton pack, which is designed to ‘capture content from a parallel dimension’.

 The product, a result of 30 years research, will be equipped with beam steering, as well as water and slime resistant features.




Google’s self-driving bike 

Step aside driverless car, the self-driving bike has landed. Launched in the Netherlands, Google’s new product works at the touch of a button and is paired with a smartphone app, so you can request to be picked up wherever you are. The bike is only available on April 1st, so you’ll have to move quick to nab one.




Fitbit’s teleportation device


Fitbit has dramatically upped its smartwatch game, adding a teleportation feature to its Blaze device.



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