EE tops Rootmetrics results for seventh consecutive time

EE tops Rootmetrics results for seventh consecutive time

EE has once again been named the most reliable UK network by the latest round of Rootmetrics benchmarking tests.

The BT-owned network pipped rivals to the boost to claim its seventh consecutive win across the board, coming first for network speed and reliability as well as data, call and text performance.

O2 and Three tied in second place for network reliability, while Vodafone claimed the second spot for network speed and data performance. When it came to overall performance, Three took last place behind Vodafone.

Building trust

The methodology used in Rootmetrics’ testing has been criticised in the past by UK networks. Speaking recently to Mobile, the benchmarking business said it believes that is now behind them.

Scott Stonham, general manager of Europe at the firm explained that this acceptance had taken time: ‘We go into a market like the UK, we do our studies and no one tells us where to go, what to do, who to test or what to publish. There are other companies out there that try to do this consumer type of testing, they let the operators know where they are going and when they are going. They also give the operators some control over what gets published. That’s not our business model, we’re totally independent and without their influence at all.

‘When we came to the UK that’s exactly what we did, so in 2013 there was a lot of backlash against our results. Some operators embraced it there and then and some operators took a while to embrace it. They understand now that this isn’t someone doing something without understanding without thought, without any kind of methodology, this is a valid and accurate picture of the performance.’  



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