Rootmetrics & EE called out on fastest network claim

Rootmetrics & EE called out on fastest network claim


Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has called out Rootmetrics and EE for ‘banging on about high speed data’, instead claiming reliability is more important.


CEO Paul Carter told Mobile that it doesn’t matter how fast the network is if it isn’t reliable enough to connect to. He said that bold claims made by benchmarking rival Rootmetrics and EE have changed consumer expectations and forced the market to respond, with networks rushing to claim the title of ‘fastest network’.


EE were named most reliable UK network for the seventh consecutive time in the most recent Rootmetrics survey.


‘It’s surprising that people like Rootmetrics and EE continue to bang on about high speed data,’ Carter said, ‘a network still needs that reliable connection, it doesn’t need to be at a lightening speed and this is overlooked by our competitors. There’s no point in having the fastest network, especially when only one operator can claim the title and it’s reliant on the amount of spectrum you own and have deployed, as well as the number of subscribers you have .


‘The UK has been deploying 4G tech over the years and it is quite well imbedded in the population so now people have expectations about network performance. This has been fuelled by folks like Rootmetrics who came out with all these claims and it shook up the market. Before that there hadn’t been any claims like this for a while so when Rootmetrics came in and announced the same winner over and over for fastest network, the rest of the market had to figure out how to respond and it all came to a head.’


Rootmetrics responds


Scott Stonham, General Manager of Europe at RootMetrics has previously admitted to Mobile that gaining acceptance in the UK market has taken time. However he expressed confidence that the initial network criticism faced was well behind them.


Responding to the latest comments made by GWS, Stonham said: ‘No other company has the volume of data that we have to replicate mobile performance in everyday life. We believe our methodology is currently the best possible approach to characterising the true level of mobile performance of services within the UK.


‘We work to provide information to help consumers make more informed mobile decisions which is why we offer holistic views of mobile performance including scoring call, data, and text performance from both a reliability and speed perspective, as both impact how satisfied we are with our mobile services.’


Mobile has contacted EE and is awaiting a response.



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