Google in talks with networks over own-branded device

Google in talks with networks over own-branded device


Google is in talks with a number of networks to launch its own branded smartphone, The Telegraph has reported.


While the US tech giant previously used its Nexus range of devices to enter the hardware market, this would mark the first time Google has used its brand name on a device. Mobile Choice editor Sunetra Chakravarti said: ‘Google’s Nexus devices were popular but not widely popular so this is a way for them to do something new and it may introduce a separate low and mid-market tier.’


Android rivalry


Chakravarti explained that the waning popularity of Google’s Android operating system had forced the US tech giant to branch out. Android was recently found to have generated profits of $22bn (£15.3bn) for Google but, according to Chakravarti, lacks market visibility.


‘Google are the kings of the search engine but they lost the advertising game to Facebook and Android is waning. The OS is very stable but it doesn’t have much visibility so they’re looking to move onto the next thing which is what Google have always been good at.’


‘This is a preemptive move from them,’ she continued, ‘we know that Huawei are looking at moving away from Android and developing their own operating system. Samsung obviously have something in the pipeline with their Tizen OS. They were just waiting to get market share first so they stuck with Android up until now. If they move away and develop their own Tizen platform Android will suffer. Customer loyalty won’t help, a lot of consumers don't even know what Android is so hardware is a way for Google to branch out.’


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