First look at Nokias L’Amour range

First look at Nokias L’Amour range
Nokia is hoping customers will fall in love with its latest additions to the L’Amour collection. But dealers think its distinctive designs could equally put people off.

The 7360 is the most straightforward of the three, given its bar design and minimal use of swirling patterns, which are limited to the frame around the screen. It comes in black chrome, pink, amber and brown variants, and is leather embossed on the back. This is also the most basic feature wise in the range; it comes equipped with a VGA camera and 4MB of internal memory, so not a handset for heavy camera users or music phone lovers. Nokia are only retailing this on pay as you go, for under £100.

The 7373 ups the game both on features and looks. It sports a swivel design, and the casing is covered in a mass of swirls. As with all three of the L’Amour phones this also has a tag attached to one side. ‘Its rather like a jeans tag’, commented one dealer. ‘It looks gimmicky and really the handset will be something people will love or hate as soon as they pick it up’.

Given the swirls and the rounded edges, the 7373 is likely to be most popular with girls, which is probably why Nokia threw in a pink and white variant as well as a black and burgundy one. For fans of the design, the good news is that the feature set is impressive. Its got a 2 megapixel camera and an onboard music player and an expandable memory card slot.

The 7390 is a clamshell, a design type that Nokia has traditionally failed to capture the imagination with. ‘It sits nicely in the hand and isn’t too chunky’, said a phone shop salesman, ‘but the flip is a little cumbersome, an active flip would have been a nice addition’.

Patterns on the 7390 are limited to the frame surrounding the outer screen, and in the black and tan variant it looks quite smart, reckon dealers. They’re less impressed with the pink and white offering; ‘It’s so tacky, it looks like plastic until you touch it’, said one. There are three buttons under the outer screen that allow the user to scroll through the phone’s menus without opening it up, which is a unique touch. Inside it’s a powerful phone, incorporating a 3 megapixel camera and 3G technology.

‘At the end of the day customers are either going to love or hate these’, commented a St Albans dealer. ‘They’re not going to go for the features first, they will be seen as nice addition for people who buy the handsets’.

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