Who’s Hancock? A look at the new Digital Minister

Who’s Hancock? A look at the new Digital Minister

For most of the mobile industry it was a case of ‘Hancock who?’ when Ed Vaizey’s replacement was announced as being Matt Hancock. So Mobile decided to find out some more about the MP for West Suffolk

Osbourne protégé

Hancock’s political owes much to his relationship with former Chancellor George Osborne. Hancock’s political career began in Osborne’s office, where he started as an economic advisor and departed haven risen to chief of staff.

Personal life

Hailing from rural Cheshire it will be interesting to see what Hancock’s views are regarding rural coverage, one of the key issues he’ll need to tackle. His father ran a computer software business which he worked at briefly, we’ll have to see what effect his experience with the IT market has on his approach to the sector.

Business ties

His ties to the business community are undoubtedly strong having previously worked for the Bank of England, in the Chancellors office and held the ministerial post for business and enterprise. He is passionate about small businesses having written a number of articles about his personal experiences growing up in a family with a father who ran a small business. 

Controversy: Jets and tweets

He is no stranger to controversy Hancock has hit the headlines notably for the wrong reasons on two occasions. First he caused a stir by attending a climate conference using a private jet, then he caused a storm online by tweeting a poem which referred to the Labour party as being ‘full of queers’, although he later claimed this was an accident.




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