Samsung emphasise S-Pen USP at Note 7 launch

Samsung emphasise S-Pen USP at Note 7 launch

Samsung will use the Note 7’s ‘pure USP’ S-Pen stylus to dominate the large screen smartphone market, the brand has revealed at the phone’s launch.

The Note 7’s European launch had added significance because the previous Note 5 model had not been released across the continent. Samsung instead pushed the Galaxy S6 plus and S6 edge plus as its primary large screen mobile devices within the product portfolio.  

Speaking to Mobile, Samsung’sKyle Brown, head of technology, content and launch management explained that the decision to release the latest version of the phone was due to the popularity of the product in Europe: ‘50,000 people signed a petition to bring the Note 5 to Europe. We’ve listened to those customers and we’re going to give them what they want. It’s a competitive market, but Samsung has a true USP with the S-Pen that has been developed with the Note series.

Brown said that the market in Europe for large screen devices was a growing one: ‘The large screen market within Europe is one of the fastest growing, it accounted for around 18% of all smartphone revenue in 2016 so far, far compared to just 1% in 2012. So it’s a huge market and an area in which Samsung is really strong. We’ve set the bar for what a large screen device can do. We’ve been doing it for such a long time that we’ve learned a lot.’

Added Galaxy

The new device makes use of many features of the latest range of Galaxy products. Including a curved display, water and dust resistance, expandable memory and finger print scanner. As well as the S-Pen, another difference is the iris scanner, which can be used to unlock the device for additional security features in programmes such as Knox.

Brown said that Samsung had focused on features which would appeal to Note users. The manufacturer profiled this type of customer whilst developing the product: ‘Who are Note users?  They are the ultimate doers on devices, they use there devices for everything. Their smartphone is the key to everything they do. They use it for consuming and creating content, for using business applications and for gaming.’




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