iPhone 7 launch: Redeem readies for £20m boom

iPhone 7 launch: Redeem readies for £20m boom

Redeem has predicted that Apple’s iPhone 7 launch will bring with it a boom in consumers looking to trade in their old handsets.

The mobile phone recycler said it expects to return £20m to consumers in the weeks following the US tech giant’s keynote event, predicting trade-ins to significantly increase over the period. This will be driven by Redeem-run schemes such as O2 Recycle and online service Envirofone.

Commenting on the launch, Redeem CEO Paul Adams said: ‘The iPhone launch is the key time of year for customers trading in their old devices and represents a huge opportunity for Redeem across all of our operating territories. Consumers are increasingly looking to get value from their old device in order to get the latest model.’

Across the rest of the industry, the iPhone 7 launch is highly anticipated, one staff member at a major UK retailer told Mobile: ‘We’re hoping the Apple launch goes well after the launch problems last week with Samsung.


‘I think even though demand and excitement for the new iPhone feels about the same as last year there may be a bigger push from Samsung to Apple because of the issues with the Galaxy Note 7.’


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