Dealers praise Samsung over Note 7 recall

Dealers praise Samsung over Note 7 recall

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall has impressed industry dealers who believe the decision reflected well on the brand.

The manufacturer confirmed that 35 cases of exploding batteries in its new flagship had forced it to suspend worldwide sales and carry out a full internal investigation into a ‘battery cell issue’.

For Excalibur taking the faulty devices off the market may have saved the manufacturer from any lasting damage. CEO James Phipps said that while Samsung may have been overcautious in its decision to pull the Note 7, this could work in its favour and boost consumer trust in the manufacturer.

‘Samsung have a good reputation for quality,’ he said, ‘and although it will be frustrating for customers and them on having to do this recall on the Note 7, Apple have had problems with handsets before and has not caused them huge issues in the medium term. As only 35 cases are being reported worldwide, it looks like they have been overcautious and that may indeed reassure customers on the brand rather than detract from their brand’

The worldwide recall delivered a blow to UK dealers, who had hailed the new flagship as one that would boost sales for the rest of the year and convince iOS business users to jump ship to Android. The recall was particularly bad timing for Samsung, who was left without a new handset in the market less than a week before rival Apple unveiled its own highly anticipated flagship.

The One Point branded the move disappointing after receiving strong pre-orders for the Note 7. MD Martin Lauer had previously told Mobile that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would steal a march on the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, especially among business users.

However he explained that mistakes are to be expected as mobile manufacturers are increasingly forced to push to the limit of a device in the quest for longer battery life.

‘The battle to overcome battery shortcomings will always force manufactures to try and push boundaries,’ he said, ‘I am sure this is a bad batch not a basic design oversight. I think customers will be very disappointed. Our pre-orders were strong but safety is paramount.’




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