EE says ‘additional testing’ slowed Note7 replacements

EE says ‘additional testing’ slowed Note7 replacements

EE says that ‘additional testing and inspections’ were the reason behind a delay in replacing its Samsung Galaxy Note7 stock.

It was originally believed that the UK’s biggest network had missed out on the early Note7 replacement stock. But EE has confirmed to Mobile that this was not the case, the operator wanted to conducted additional tests to devices on top of those carried out by the manufacturer.

The network is well aware of the challenges placed by a product recall. In the summer, the BT-owned brand was forced to issue a total recall of its power bars following battery problems.  

Speaking to Mobile a spokesperson for EE said: ‘EE considers the safety of its customers to be of the utmost importance, which is why we contacted all affected customers when the issue was first identified on September 2nd to exchange their device for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge while we worked with Samsung to get new Galaxy Note7 stock.

‘We’ve received that replacement stock and after conducting additional testing and inspections to ensure our customers have the best possible experience, we’ve started to contact our customers to arrange delivery of their replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7.

‘We continue to work closely with Samsung and relay the latest guidance to our customers as quickly as possible.’


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