Evidence of consumer confusion between S7 and Note7 devices

Evidence of consumer confusion between S7 and Note7 devices

Samsung’s discontinued Galaxy Note7 is continuing to make headlines for the wrong reasons as the Korean brand opens booths at airports for users to return their Note7 devices. This follows multiple airlines and national air regulators banning the device, and instances of the devices catching fire on aircraft.

Perhaps more damagingly for the manufacturer, there are multiple reports of users and airline staff confusing the Note7 with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 range.

In one instance, quoted by gizmodo, a user states, “At the security checkpoint as a husband/partner was saying goodbye to his wife/partner, she gave her phone to him because she thought she couldn’t take it on the plane. It was a Galaxy S5 or S6, I couldn’t really tell, but definitely not a Note.”

In another, an audio recording surfaced of Lufthansa pilot instructing passengers that “Samsung Galaxy S7 devices are not permitted on board.”

Mobile spoke to a staff member from Carphone Warehouse and another from EE, both agreed that they’d seen occasions where customers have confused the handsets, though both felt the damage would be short term. They also expressed that those who’d came in to return Note7 handsets were unwilling to switch to a different manufacturer.

The contamination between the two ranges sees Samsung’s strategy of aligning the ranges by skipping the Note 6 backfire. Originally done so the devices would appear of the same generation, this similarity in naming may play a part in consumer confusion.


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