Broken Ultra controversy

Broken Ultra controversy
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A video is circulating the internet portraying a woman breaking a Samsung X820 handset in half.

Motorola has been named as the video's copyright holder by, which originally hosted the clip. It was later removed and replaced with a statement saying: 'the video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Motorola, Inc. because its content was used without permission.'

The video is believed to have been created by Motorola staff as a spoof, and was leaked onto the internet without the company's knowledge.

The video sees a woman hold up a Samsung X820, claimed to be the world's thinnest phone, before easily snapping it in half and displaying the broken phone to the viewer. It is titled 'Samsung handset, easy to break at one try!'

Keen to reassure customers that its Ultra edition handsets are far more durable than they appear in the video, Samsung Mobile claims the phone had been tampered with before filming. 'We are considering taking action after conducting a probe into who made and distributed [the video],' a spokeswoman told AFP.

'The video was neither officially created nor distributed by Motorola,' the manufacturer's UK office said in a statement. Samsung was not prepared to comment on the video as Mobile went to press.

See the video for yourself here.

Have your say: is the video genuine or a set-up?

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