Wileyfox launches Swift 2 & Swift 2 plus handsets

Wileyfox launches Swift 2 & Swift 2 plus handsets

Wileyfox has announced its Swift 2 and Swift 2 Plus handsets, following on from the brand’s August 2015 Swift band debut.

The London based smartphone manufacturer’s new devices aim to bring ‘desirable mobile experience at the fraction of industry average prices,’ as reflected in the new devices’ £159 and £189 price tags.

A statement  by Wileyfox said the Swift 2 and Swift 2 Plus ‘build on this challenger heritage, whilst further establishing Wileyfox as a key player in the smartphone market that is going from strength to strength.’

In terms of retail, it seems Wileyfox is continuing its online focused retail approach, focusing even the packaging on being suitable for letterbox delivery. Through an exclusive distribution deal with Exertis dating back to October 2015, Wileyfox will work with online channel partners such as Amazon, aiming to reproduce the same results as with the Swift 2’s precursor, which took the number one position on Amazon pre-orders before selling out shortly after release.

Wileyfox CEO Nick Muir described the company’s strategy to Mobile following the brand’s original device launch stating ‘We identified four key components for how we could succeed with a high-quality, low-cost device: Brand, infrastructure, hardware and software.

‘We began thinking that we could create a European brand, with infrastructure based locally and with a disruptive consumer angle, which we found with Cyanogen. We looked at whether we could offer something that was good enough to sell before Christmas and we decided that we could.’

Describing the new devices’ tech credentials, Jay Jay from Mobile Choice explained:

‘The 2,700 mAh battery in both phones can be charged up to 25% in just 15 minutes, 50% in 30 minutes or 75% in only 45 minutes, thanks to Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 tech and a USB Type-C charging port.

‘While both phones run the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core processors, What makes the Swift 2 Plus more powerful than the Swift 2 is a 3GB RAM compared to a 2GB one in the latter. Swift 2 Plus also comes with 32GB of onboard storage compared to 16GB in the Swift 2. Both phones feature a MicroSD slot as well as two SIM slots in Micro and Nano configurations.’


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