EE wins out in new UK coverage test

EE wins out in new UK coverage test

EE took first place in Global Wireless Solution’s new Onescore testing system, with O2 and Vodafone in joint second, while three finished last.

New to the UK, GWS’ testing system saw nearly one million Android and iOS data and call tests conducted in 17 UK cities between August and September.

Outside of the overall leader boards, the results show each network to have its own strengths, with O2 crowned “King in the North” for its 4G service in the Northern cities tested, whereas EE came top in cities down South. Three meanwhile topped the charts for call quality and performance but struggled on data.

GWS’ coverage report also included a survey of consumer internet habbits, supporting Ofcom’s research showing increased time spent online and on social media. According to the new data by GWS, of every six minutes spent on the internet, the average user is on a mobile device for three of those minutes and one minute is spent on social media.

The results of this Global Wireless Solutions research comes just a day after another coverage survey was released by P3 communications. Both show some similarities (EE on top, Three suffering on data), but also feature some very different results (O2 last on data in P3, Three last on data in GWS). The other major UK network tester, Rootmetrics shows EE to be the best London network, whereas P3’s shows it to be Vodafone. The different methodoligies and results across the different coverage tests only goes to highlight the difficulties, operators, regulators and governments face in setting and measuring targets.


As with all research, look at who is funding it and that will go a long way to explaining the results.
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