Apple announces iPhone 6s battery recall

Apple announces iPhone 6s battery recall

Apple has announced a global recall and replacement service for users who bought an iPhone 6s manufactured in September or October 2015 after complaints of unexpected shutdowns despite the phone being charged.

The issue first came to light after a Chinese consumer protection group notified Apple regarding complaints related to the issue. Those affected described that their handsets would turn off seemingly at random and would not turn back on until put on charge again.

AppleInsider have claimed that the issue may be related to handsets charged using non-Apple chargers, stating that a source within Apple is citing poorly manufactured unofficial charges are responsible for “exactly 100%” of incidents.  However, this doesn’t fit with why only devices manufactured within a two month window, or why devices in the US using higher quality charging products would be affected.

Though in its statement Apple did not comment on what caused the error, how many handsets were likely to be affected or how many complaints they had received, but did state that those who have already sought and paid out for a replacement battery due to this issue would be refunded. It also stated that those with damaged devices such as cracked screens would need to pay for the screen replacement before the battery issue could be fixed.

The global manufacturer suggested that rather taking the affected products back to the point of purchase, users take the faulty products to an Apple Authorised Service Provider, an Apple Store or Apple Technical Support. This advice runs counter to UK consumer protection laws which state that a faulty device can be returned at the point of purchase.


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