IT buyers saving 33% with sustainable mobiles

IT buyers saving 33% with sustainable mobiles

A survey of IT buyers concludes that annual spend on mobile devices can be reduced by a third by introducing a sustainable mobile device strategy.


The report by Opinion Matters on behalf of Panasonic Business is based on a survey of 250 IT managers who were asked about the working life of notebooks, hybrids, tablets and handhelds.


A sustainable mobile device strategy key based on key criteria could extend the average working life of devices by more than two years, the report concludes. Financial, rather than environmental and corporate social responsibility concerns, were the primary drivers for implementing the strategy, with Total Cost of Ownership savings through extended use of devices, accessories and peripherals cited as the most important issue when considering a sustainability strategy.


The primary savings that businesses cared most about as a result of implementing a strategy were reduction of spend on new devices (38%), better recycling of devices (34%), a reduction in the TCO of devices (32%) and a reduction in spend on batteries (29%).


More than 95% of IT buyers say that sustainable mobile IT is highly important or important to their business. So far 83% of UK companies have introduced a Sustainable Mobile Device Strategy for their notebook, hybrid, tablet and handheld devices, with 55% introducing one in the past 3 years.


“UK businesses have quickly realised that taking a sustainable approach to the purchase of their mobile devices delivers significant financial, as well as environmental benefits,” said Jan Kaempfer, General Manager for Marketing for Panasonic Computer Product Solutions. 'Practical considerations, such as the long-term compatibility of accessories and peripherals, failure rates, warranties and easily swappable batteries all add up to longer lasting devices, resulting in better TCO and a reduced spend on new equipment.'


'Businesses still waiting to implement a Sustainable Mobile Device Strategy are missing out on significant savings – on average 33% of their annual mobile device budget.'


Panasonic's own Toughbook and Toughpad products are durable designs aimed at sectors including retail, engineering, construction and aviation, and include a range of business-rugged, semi-rugged and fully-ruggedised designs.  


A summary of the Suatainable Mobile research findings can be downloaded here.


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