P2i plans to penetrate phone market deeper

P2i plans to penetrate phone market deeper

Protective coating specialist P2i has shared its vision of the developing mobile phone market. CEO Ady Moores (pictured) told Mobile that with its market share in high-end phones established, the company has now set its sights on spreading its patented coating technology to the mid-market, and eventually to all levels.

Speaking at a briefing and technology demo at the company’s Abingdon headquarters, Moores said ‘More than 20% of smartphones get damaged by liquids each year. That’s 328m units at a cost to the industry of $96b per year.’

‘P2i has applied our innovative water resistant technology to more than 175 million devices, making us world leaders globally, with 35% market share in water protected smartphones. Our mission is to use our expertise as a springboard to launch our next round of innovative technologies that will protect the world’s electronic devices from damage.’

P2i’s patented Splash-proof process provides better than IPX2 protection. The low-pressure deposition process treats the complete assembled device, coating it inside and out with a nano-scale monomer. This not only prevents corrosion caused by water ingress, it also discourages ingress by reducing wicking. The effect is to protect against liquid spillages, sweat, humidity and rain, significantly reducing the cost to the industry of down-time, repair or replacement.

Moores argues that while the cost of the treatment currently limits it to high-end devices, it will soon be possible to increase market penetration into the mid-range and beyond. His ambition is that eventually all mobile phones will be protected in this way, to the point where the feature will be assumed.

P2i currently works with Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Plantronics and others, and soon hopes to be in a position to announce deals with major Chinese manufacturers. With MWC approaching, Moores says this is the time for P2i to make its proposition clear. ‘Samsung and Apple have led the way, and in Q4 of 2016, 95% of ultra high-value smartphones were water protected. But the water protection market is growing significantly in high and mid-priced smartphones, in which P2i has more than 50% market share.’

Moores says ‘P2i’s core business plan is to deepen penetration of existing and near-term prospective smartphone customers across product price-points. We’re researching ways to make the process quicker and more cost-effective, and by 2018, our next-generation products will enable us to offer features such as anti-microbial coatings for touchscreens, and to expand in areas such as automotive and healthcare.’

‘But smartphones are the low-hanging fruit for us to pick - it’s a no-brainer to go for small, high-priced electronic devices which are ideal for our treatment process.’


One would think that the cost of a water-damaged smart phone costs the consumer and benefits the cellphone industry, as it leads to consumers replacin ...
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