Study spots tablet docking opportunities

Study spots tablet docking opportunities

A Panasonic whitepaper on the European market for docking business tablets in vehicles concludes that only 19% are vehicle mounted.


The research by IDC reports that only 23% of companies have even considered vehicle-mounting their tablets, and the Panasonic whitepaper ‘To Dock or Not to Dock; that is the question?’ examines the business benefits of vehicle-mounted tablets following interviews with users in Europe and North America.


‘We wanted to understand why some businesses have not taken this logical next step and also identify whether we are addressing the critical issues under consideration by businesses when implementing a vehicle docking solution,’ said Robert Blowers, General Manager and Head of Solutions Engineering, Panasonic Computer Products Solutions Europe.


‘After all, would you give your office-based workforce a computer and then not provide them with a desk to sit at to use it effectively? So why give a mobile worker a productivity transforming tool and not give them somewhere safe and secure to house and further enhance its productivity when working from their office on the road?’


According to the IDC research, issues holding back businesses include security concerns (52%), worries about complex installations (44%), legislation (40%) and certification (38%). The main drivers for those organisations that have considered vehicle-mounting their devices are existing in-vehicle connectivity issues (54%), limited charging facilities (50%) and the fact that multiple devices are required by the mobile worker to perform their job (49%).


The Panasonic whitepaper covers issues such as customisation and design, safety and certification, connectivity, access to applications in the field, security, service and support, and is available here.




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