Zinwave tackles DAS connection problem

Zinwave tackles DAS connection problem

In-building wireless delivery specialist Zinwave has launched its Small Cell Point of Interface (SC-POI), a 1U interface panel that connects up to four small cells to the company’s UNItivity distributed wireless platform.


DAS solutions can provide distribution efficiencies and economic benefits for multi-operator, multi-frequency applications, but they require an RF source to provide mobile signals. Small cells are an ideal signal source for DAS because they are smaller, more energy-efficient, and much less expensive than traditional base stations. However, small cells are currently one- or two-frequency units, so it requires multiple small cells to deliver the multi-frequency signals needed in most modern buildings. Zinwave’s SC-POI makes it easier to configure up to four small cells per panel as signal sources for the company’s UNItivity distributed wireless platform.


Zinwave’s UNItivity platform has an all-fibre architecture and supports any frequency from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz, accommodating current and future wireless services without hardware upgrades.


The 19-inch, rack-mountable SC-POI panel simplifies the connection of small cells as signal sources for Zinwave’s UNItivity distributed antenna system (DAS), providing a combination of mobile signal sources and distribution capabilities to deliver wireless services in enterprises and public venues. Zinwave will be demonstrating the solution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Slavko Djukic, Zinwave’s chief technology officer (pictured) said ‘Rather than competing with one another as in-building wireless solutions, small cells and DAS can work together to deliver cost-effective, multi-frequency services within buildings. While configuring small cells to feed a DAS can be a complex and messy operation, our SC-POI makes it simple and easy to deploy small cells as a DAS signal source.’





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