LG launches extra widescreen G6 with Vodafone , EE and Carphone Warehouse

LG launches extra widescreen G6 with Vodafone , EE and Carphone Warehouse

LG’s latest flagship, the G6 has launched in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, focusing on media viewing with super slim bezels, a super wide screen ratio and a roster of film directors, ergonomics professors, Qualcomm directos and Google staffers to endorse the product.


Catching on to key trends of 2016, the G6 features an IP68 dust and waterproof rating and a dual rear camera arrangement, suggesting LG is moving back towards the mainstream, ditching the modular designs and leather backs of yester year.


With the display taking centre stage, the brand states its aim is to provide a large screen experience while maintaining one hand usability and that all important ‘pocket fit’ with the slogan, ‘more to see, less to hold.’  A 5.7 inch display in what they describe as ‘a 5.2” body.’ The device is also the first to use Dolby Vision, which promises richer colours and more dynamic contrast. Every buyer will also receive $200 of video games from the Google play store via the G6 Game Collection.


Oscar winning director Vittorio Storaro was on hand at launch to endorse the new screen format, telling the audience that  changing the ratio to suit the display medium changes the film itself, referencing Leo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting as the basis for their 18:9 format, he stated, ‘it will eliminate the need for cropping and editing film and allow audiences to see films as they were designed by directors and videographers. It has become a reality thanks to LG.’


However, the new format can actually achieve the opposite, zooming and cropping non 18:9 footage in order to fit the screen.


Beyond the screen, the device also features full Google Assistant capability, a 13MP dual wide angle lens, a Qualcomm 821 processor, a 3300mAh battery.


Designed to compliment the wide angle screen with a 125 degree lens angle, the processor also allows smoot optical zooming while the front camera boasts a 100 degree lens for selfies. LG UX 6.0 features a range of social media friendly features such as square camera features such as grid shot and grid shot, 360 panorama mode and auto capture for selfies.


Andy Coughlin  stated, ‘with multi-tasking becoming more common, it’s natural users want a larger display, it’s becoming less of a preference and more of a necessity, the share of large screen devices jumped two fold in just two years. 69% of users said it’s important to have a large screen.’


Hinting towards their rivals, LG’s Andy Coughlin explained that despite increasing the battery capacity to 3300mAh, 500Mah higher than the LG G5, Coughlin outlined improved testing, research and safety measures such as heat pipe cooling, air gaps and a battery ‘bumper’ that protects the battery against shock damage through dropping.


Seong-jin Jo Vice Chairman and CEO of LG Electronics described the device stating, ‘LG is known as the world’s best home appliance brand, I’d like to extend this to our other products. I make it a high priority to turn around our mobile phone business. We’ll spare no cost to provide our customers with leading products.’


Juno Cho, LG mobiles president ‘Expectations change, demands evolve, the competition will be about usability which is why we tried to take a lot more from you, our customers regarding your wishes for a smartphone. Consumers are so much more intelligent about what they’re looking for, they want a device that offers innovation but that also gets the fundamentals right as well. It has to be a balance.


‘The G6 stands out as the first device with a ‘FullVision’ display, we look forward to our approach becoming the mainstream and we expect competitors to join us.’


Vodafone UK , Carphone Warehouse and EE have confirmed they will be stocking the device, though release date, other stockists and UK price is yet to be announced.


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