Alcatel targets ‘immediates’ with A5 LED

Alcatel targets ‘immediates’ with A5 LED

Alcatel announced a 12 inch tablet and handsets including the A3, U5 and the A5 LED -  the world’s first phone with a light-up, programmable LED back.


The A5 LED, A 5.2” device expected to retail for €199 and features a 5” FHD display, 13MP dual tone rear camera, 5MP front camera, an octa core MT6753 chipset, 2,800mAh battery, 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM.


Describing the audience for the device, Alcatel portfolio device management director William Dowie stated, ‘The world’s first smart interactive phone cover was created for entertainment seekers, those who want to stand out from the crowd. With this device the LED cover will dance to the beat of your music, and notifications creates a unique light display tailored to the type of notification.’


The A3 is expected to retail at €149 and features a 5” FHD display and a finger print scanner. The ultra low price U5 is to be their most affordable 4G model at €99, and also comes pre-loaded with ‘Phone Guard’ a security integration that protects users from malicious files.


The new 2-in-1 tablet, the Plus 12 is a Windows 10 device with a 12” FHD display. Described by Dowie as ‘your office on the move’, it comes with fingerprint recognition, a 5MP camera, 4G connectivity and a metal body. At just 960g, it’s also the lightest 12” tablet on the market. It’s expected to retail for €499.


According to TCL CEO Nicolas Zibell, the product releases are more than just an extension of their ranging, also representing a shift in focus. He said at the event, ‘Alcatel is a historic brand but today is the time to change, to bring innocation and new products to the world.'


‘We are introducing products beyond the smartphone to build a different Alcatel, an Alcatel of the future.’


Alcatel achieved 10.5% market share in the UK in 2016, making it the third largest UK player. UK director William Paterson recently explained to Mobile the basis of this growth stating ‘I think it’s always nice to think that it can be attributed to one aspect but in truth it’s a combination of everything but it always starts with great product, you’ve got to have great quality, great specs and a great consumer proposition.


'This has impacts throughout the chain, our return rate is under 1% in warranty which is incredible, that’s across all of our products and this helps in maintaining a really close relationship not just with our consumers, but with our retail and network partners as well.’


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