A Linux phone from Norway

A Linux phone from Norway
Norwegian manufacturer Trolltech has launched the Qtopia Greenphone, an open-source Linux-based handset aimed at software developers.

The phone is not intended as a commercially available device but rather aimed at software developers and programmers. It allows open access to the handset software, which can be reflashed and customised to test-run new applications or features.

The handset, which is a fully-functioning GPRS device incorporating a 1.3 megapixel camera, allows developers to test their software on a working phone instead of having to rely on computer simulations.

Trolltech sells the Linux-based Qtopia handset OS and is keen to push Linux as an open-source alternative to Symbian OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Linux-based handsets currently account for 22% of the smartphone market according to Trolltech, which supplies software to companies like ZTE and Motorola.

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