3's Skypephone

3's Skypephone
3 and Skype have confirmed the world's worst-kept secret – that they will release an internet handset together.

The Skypephone comes with integrated Skype, allowing users to make free calls. The free calls are Skype-to-Skype calls only and free Skype instant messaging is offered as well.

The device will be released in the UK on 2 November on prepay and contract. Sykpe-to-Skype calls will remain free as long as customers stay on the contract or top up their prepay credit each month.

The 3G handset comes with a two-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, internet browsing, Bluetooth and comes in black or white with either a blue or pink trim. The device will cost £49.99 on prepay and is free on contract.

3 CEO Kevin Russell said: 'To enable Skype to go mobile in this way brings free internet calls together with an affordable 3G handset. Mobile has the potential to massively increase access to internet calling.'

Skype CEO Michael van Swaajj added: 'Skype began by offering free PC-to-PC calling and now we're doing the same with mobile calls with 3. Thanks to 3, Skype has now taken a giant step forward in the mobile arena.'

The Sykpephone will also be released in eight other countries, including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong and Italy.

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