Extra 1,400 iPhone staff for O2

Extra 1,400 iPhone staff for O2
O2 has recruited an extra 1,400 staff to deal with what it hopes will be an overwhelming demand for the iPhone this Christmas.

Extra employees will work in O2’s customer services and in branches and staff from head office will be deployed to stores around the country for the device’s launch on Friday.

O2 stores have been given weekly Apple iPhone targets, with smaller stores aiming for around 12 iPhones per week and stores on Oxford Street targeting 48 sales per week.

Stores will receive hundreds of devices in the first delivery. One O2 salesperson said: ‘We should have at least a few hundred people outside the door queuing up.’

O2 has also given the iPhone its own key performance indicator (KPI) and any handset sold will not count towards a new connection or upgrade.

Around 3,800 iPhones need to be sold each day from the iPhone’s launch date on 9 November through to the end of the year to meet analysts’ estimates of 200,000.

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