Nokia and Voda challenge Apple

Nokia and Voda challenge Apple
Nokia and Vodafone went head-to-head with the launches of their new download services, as the music battle entered a new phase ahead of the Apple iPhone's release this week.

Along with Apple's iTunes, both services give users access to full-length music tracks and albums to download and listen to while on the move.

Nokia has just launched a marketing campaign to promote Music Store-compatible handset the N81 under the strapline 'Entertainment. The next episode'. And the N95 8GB, which was launched to coincide with the opening of Nokia's Music Store, is expected to be a big driver of the service.

Twenty devices from four different manufacturers are able to download directly from Vodafone's MusicStation, with the LG Viewty the pin-up handset for the service in Phones 4u stores. However, users cannot access the service via a PC, as they can with the Nokia Music Store.

Vodafone's MusicStation is free for the first six months, after which it will cost £7.96 per month. Phones 4u is also trying to draw consumers to the service by offering a monthly discount of £4.34. Operations director Tom Shorten has sent launch packs to Phones 4u stores 'to fire up the teams and bring the experience alive'.

Apple iTunes
Single tracks: 79p
Album: £7.99
Tracks available: 6 million
Music videos: 11,000
Preview: 30 seconds
Number of licences: 5
Download to device: Via Wi-Fi and EDGE to iPhone and iPod Touch

Vodafone MusicStation
Single tracks/album: Free for six months, then £1.99 per week
Tracks available: 1.2 million
Music videos: No
Preview: Unlimited
Number of licences: None – rented
Download to device: Via 3G to LG Viewty, Samsung F700, nine Nokia and nine Sony Ericsson handsets

Nokia Music Store
Single tracks: 80p
Album: £8 ('Jukebox' for £8 per month, allows unlimited streaming to a PC)
Tracks available: 'Over two million'
Music videos: No
Preview: 30 seconds
Format: WMA 192
Number of licences: 3
Download to device: Via 3G or Wi-Fi to N81 and N95 8GB

Warner snubs Nokia's Music Store
Warner is refusing to allow its music to be sold on the Nokia Music Store due to concerns that tracks are being traded illegally on one of the manufacturer's affiliate websites.

Mobile understands that Warner Music is concerned about copyright infringements on Nokia's file-sharing website Mosh, which allows users to share mobile content

including audio, video, images, games and applications and has just under 60,000 registered users. A Nokia spokeswoman confirmed that negotiations with Warner are continuing.

She said: 'Nokia takes violations of intellectual property rights very seriously. We commit to removing any copyrighted material within 24 hours of being notified that it is on the site.'

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