What the weekend papers say

What the weekend papers say
'A surge in complaints about the sales practises of phone companies and their agents' will lead to 'strict new rules' for mobile networks. Consultation by Ofcom will start in the new year. The Sunday Times

Skype is facing a 'furious backlash from customers after admitting that it will have to cut off 10,000 UK numbers just before Christmas,' reports The Sunday Telegraph. The numbers affected begin with 020 7870 and have been given to London residents. The numbers are leased from intermediary telecom company CGI Telecom, but by error they had already been assigned to Gamma Telecom.

A 'lack of experience in the UK market' has not stopped 3 CEO Kevin Russell from making 'big decisions, quickly'. He is currently finalising a pact to share masts and transmitters with T-Mobile, while 3's UK business has been charged with breaking even at Ebitda level by the end of the year. Following losses of £667m last year, Russell says 3 has 'done a lot of work in the course of the year to restructure a business that was not performing'. Analysts estimate that a network-sharing arrangement with T-Mobile 'could cut the cost of running 3's network by more than 20%'. The Sunday Telegraph

TalkTalk is 'struggling to cope with demand in parts of the country', according to The Independent on Sunday. Carphone Warehouse's broadband service has apparently reached 'capacity' in the outer London 0208 area. A boost in bandwidth is expected at some point this week.

UK iPhone sales have not been 'scorching', with only 26,500 sold since its launch two weeks ago. 'O2 and Carphone Warehouse must be scratching their heads over what has gone wrong. Could it be the £269 price tag and the prospect of a next-generation 3G iPhone in 20087?' asks The Independent on Sunday

A German court's decision to force T-Mobile to sell unlocked iPhone's may have wider repercussions for Apple. Zdnet columnist Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, says: 'Once hackers get their hands on an unlocked iPhone they will be able to safely figure out how to safely unlock the handset in such a way that future updates won't result in iPhones becoming iBricks.' The Observer

Senior British managers of Vodafone are facing a private lawsuit from the family of a former employee who claim that he was murdered to stop him revealing a major phone-tapping scandal. It is claimed that Costas Tsalikidis, a technician with Vodafone in Greece, stumbled across a plot to listen in to private conversations of the Greek prime minister and other top-ranking officials during the run-up to the Athens Olympics and that those who were conducting the bugging operation took steps to silence him. The Observer

After conducting a review of the latest five-megapixel camera phones, The Sunday Times concludes that 'although they are ideal for bagging a shot you would not otherwise have got they are a long way from replacing standalone cameras.'

London shoppers will soon be able to use their mobile phones to pay for purchases under £10, according to The Observer. Several hundred Barclaycard customers will be issued with Nokia handsets that are compatible with Barclaycard's 'OnePulse' contactless card technology. If the London trial is successful it will be rolled out nationwide.

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