Stalemate in Parliament

Stalemate in Parliament

Cashback MP Roger Godsiff will continue to apply pressure on the networks after last week’s summit at the House of Commons failed to produce a road map for the future handling of cashback offers or a resolution for disaffected Dialamobile customers.

During the meeting, Godsiff (pictured) and fellow midlands MP Lynne Jones outlined their concerns that consumers were given little or no protection from unscrupulous retailers. They also asked operators to ‘tear up’ airtime agreements arranged by Dialamobile, as many customers have multiple contracts and no prospect of any cashback payments being made to them.

All five operators and Ofcom stood firm during the meeting and reiterated their position that customers of Dialamobile who want to escape or reduce their contracts will be assessed on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Godsiff said: ‘We had a frank exchange of views about the inadequacies of the code. They [operators] weren’t in a position to do anything. I said, “you’re here to do firefighting”.’

Godsiff added that airtime providers were ‘complicit’ in the collapse of Dialamobile and that cashback schemes were ‘nothing more than scams’.

He said: ‘When the retailer goes bust and cannot pay the cashback, the airtime providers are still sitting on highly lucrative contracts and are pursuing customers through the Courts to pay

Hamish MacLeod of the Mobile Broadband Group agreed that there had been ‘a vigorous exchange of views’. He said: ‘Everybody took on board what he [Godsiff] had to say and took what he said very seriously.’

Godsiff added: ‘It won’t go away. It’s already bigger than Farepak. If they wish to play Father Christmas, they can draw a line in the sand and tear up these Dialamobile contracts as a gesture of goodwill. If they want to play the role of Scrooge, the fight will go on.’

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