Voda tries to stop customers from disconnecting

Voda tries to stop customers from disconnecting

Vodafone has introduced a new policy to try to ‘save’ customers who want to disconnect from the network. The new ‘Saves Process’ is aimed at business customers who have ten or more handsets.


From 3 December, all disconnection and port requests made by Vodafone customers within the ten-plus handset sector will immediately be transferred to the retention team.


If the account is managed by a dealer, the team will contact the dealer and give them 24 hours to try and ‘save’ the customer. They will then need to report back to the retention team and if the dealer was unsuccessful in keeping the customer, the team will make a final attempt to stop the customer from disconnecting.


The new process has been introduced following a ‘Saves’ trial process that ran in September. A distributor bulletin said: ‘This trial was successful and as such they will be launching a new "Saves Process" with the objective of attempting to save as many existing Vodafone customers as possible.’

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