Fonehouse to stock anti-radiation batteries

Fonehouse to stock anti-radiation batteries

Retailer Fonehouse has signed a deal with anti-radiation company Exradia. The deal will see the retailer selling an anti-radiation device called Angel.

The device costs £24.99 and will be stocked throughout all 17 of Fonehouse’s branches. The retailer will also be giving away the device with selected tariffs as part of its ‘Feelgood Campaign’. Angel batteries come with a micro-processor and an antenna that transmits a neutralising electro-magnetic field to reduce the effects of radiation.

Fonehouse CEO Clive Bayley said: ‘It’s a device that will enhance and complement the experience that our customers get from their mobile phones.’

Exradia CEO David Schick added that Fonehouse is a company that is ‘determined to help their customers make an informed choice about mobile phone health’.

Written by Mobile Today
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