Nokia looks to internet phones

Nokia looks to internet phones

Andrew Hawkins, Nokia’s Head of Enterprise Solutions, has revealed the company is focusing heavily on voice integration technology to maintain its hold on the business phone market.

After significant recent developments with internet telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, most notably with the early success of 3’s Skypephone, Nokia is investing heavily in the area. The company last month signed a deal with Vyke, a rival of Skype.

Speaking to Mobile, Hawkins outlined his expectations for business phone developments in the coming years, describing voice integration as a ‘hot area’, which has begun to enable the integration of fixed-office phone lines and mobile handsets.

He said: ‘Businessmen of the future can expect to use their mobile as their only communications device. Whereas today, if you are out of the office and you’re not on your PDX (company phone) system, if someone calls the company, it has to be transferred to you.

‘In the future, your mobile handset will be integrated seamlessly, so people will be able to reach you wherever you want, both internally to your organisation and externally. We are working on giving the user a greater freedom of movement and communication.’

However, mobile networks other than 3 have been reluctant to back internet phones because of the clear threat to their core business model based on revenue through voice calls over a mobile network.

Nokia is currently working with a number of companies, including Cisco and Alcatel, which focus on selling IP-based phone systems to businesses.

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