Nokia increases global targets for 2008

Nokia increases global targets for 2008

Nokia has revised a number of its targets and forecasts for 2008, as it looks to increase its domination of the global handset market. The manufacturer’s aims for the next one and two years were revealed at its annual investor day earlier this month.

Nokia plans to grow its share of the market in 2008 by increasing the estimated 1.1 billion handsets shipped in 2007 by 10% in 2008.

The anticipated growth in market share is expected to come mainly from the Asia-Pacific, China and Middle East and Africa regions, where mobile device growth is targeted at being above 15% in 2008. In North America, Europe and Latin America growth is expected to be below 10%.

Nokia expects to dramatically increase the number of camera phones it ships in 2008; in 2007 it shipped 200 million and it estimates that the amount will grow by 50 million to 250 million in 2008.

And music is expected to be another key driver of handset take-up, with an extra 35 million music-enabled handsets expected to be sold next year, taking the figure up to 180 in 2008.

Another area being targetted by Nokia is mobile internet. Nokia President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said: ‘Nokia's goal is to be the world number one in bringing the internet to mobile devices. We estimate that in 2010, the total internet services market will be approximately 100 billion euros (£70 billion).’ Nokia has also predicted that its industry target of four billion mobile phone subscriptions will be reached a year early, in 2009, rather than 2010 as previously forecast.

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