Carphone staff backlash - the internal emails

Carphone staff backlash - the internal emails

This is the full transcript of a typical email sent out by Carphone’s management to store staff, obtained by Mobile.

To: "LondonDivision-CPW-UK" <>
Subj: The Wait Is Almost Over.... Are We Ready to Make History!
Hi Team
Here we go - less than 6 hours to go until we unveil the biggest
sensation this year! The clock is ticking till we re-open our doors at
6pm tonight to deliver the best product and the best experience in
retail! This really is an amazing opportunity to put Carphone in the
spotlight again and for everyone to earn a bumper pay packet before we go into xmas!!
Below are a few key points from me that I think will really make the
difference tonight and over the weekend - remember not only do we want to sell I Phone we want to do it better than any other division- WE ARE LONDON, AND LONDON IS WHERE IT HAPPENS!
 As will have heard the margin we make on Apple is not as high as a new sub therefore there are two things we need to make sure happen today and over the next few manic weeks.
1) Hit our standard new subs - we can't afford to let our core business drop during this busy time - and remember there is no point making $5 commission on the iPhone when we could have made $12 on a new sub.
2) Get the Add ons - for margin and commission purposes lets make sure we make the most of the this amazing opportunity - 39,000 customers are going to buy an Iphone over tonight and tomorrow alone!!! - Once they have gone we have lost the opportunity - lets make sure we don't regret any lack of urgency on our part to make as much commission as possible.
 The Key Sales Messages
 *** Telco *** - What a great opportunity - remember every customer
will need BB (broadband) to use the Iphone - but more importantly it is a great chance to upsell and improve their service whilst saving them money - if we use the line "what I will also do is check your BB service and make sure it is one that will give the best service for using the iphone" I know we will be able to sell to at least 50% of our Iphone customers tonight.
 *** Lifeline *** - This will probably be the easiest Lifeline sale you
can make - there are two major points we need to make all our customers aware of If you lose it or its water damaged - you
cannot replace it without our insurance as the phone cannot be bought sim free. Therefore to replace the phone it will cost $900 (270 for a new phone and 18 x $35 line rental).
 *** Accessories ***- Bundle Packs should be our biggest focus for acc - Apple Customers love gadgets and extras - aim to sell a minimum of 1 bundle pack to every customer. Get the bundle pack ready made up in the stock room and make that assumptive
sale - "which pack do you need - Car, Music or essential?"


Carphone’s UK CEO, Andrew Harrison responds to the issue:

 ‘I sent the guys in store an email, telling them I didn’t blame any of them. The issue arose out of the fact we don’t sell a sim free version and that the box says you need a new 18 month contract.  Somewhere along the line - and its difficult to ascertain where - there was confusion over this. I’m upset that they were called liars, they are not.; there was just genuine confusion.  We contained it from a customer point of view and have reiterated all the facts.’

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