Mobile broadband to drive sales in 2008 - claims 3

Mobile broadband to drive sales in 2008 - claims 3

2008 will be a turning point after a difficult year for independent dealers, with mobile broadband set to drive sales - 3 has said in its December dealer bulletin.

The network’s director of indirect sales, Bernie O’Beirne, sent out the notice to retailers, in which he also declared cashback to be ‘all but dead’.

Here is the bulletin in full:

'2008 is just around the corner. 2007 has been a challenging year for the independent mobile dealer. With an emphasis on quality many dealers have found it difficult to adapt and are no longer trading. It’s not as easy to make large profits only the best manage to do that consistently now. Cashback is all but dead, and so are many businesses that built their model around this without a successful investment fund for repayments.

It’s a more demanding business environment and 2008 will be a turning point for many. The shrewd are looking at how the mobile market is changing, the areas for growth and diversification.

Mobile has a new meaning; it’s no longer about making a call in the street, it’s about taking your computing power with you. 2008 will be the first full year when consumers and businesses can have the internet on the move with the speed and performance they need.

Mobile Broadband is the new mobile.

Ask yourself one question; what have I done to take advantage of this new growth sector?

If your answer is ‘nothing’ then please think again.

For so many reasons this will be the area of growth in 2008, it’s simple, it truly is technology that works ‘out of the box’. So good and reliable is installation and performance that it really will be considered as an alternative to fixed line by many users.

Because of its simplicity it’s much easier to sell than a mobile phone, the proposition and the advantages are easily explained and the value for money is compelling.

The market is new not saturated. The opportunity for sales is high. Over 60% of homes have at least one PC. And at least 60% of all your customers aged 16 and over will have used the internet within the last 3 months.

As an add on sale Mobile Broadband can improve your profitability by as much as 100%, as a stand alone sale it means your business has the opportunity to close more customers who otherwise would not buy.

2008 is the time for you to take advantage of this market and secure the long term stability of your business through a new and profitable channel.

In January 3 will be travelling around the country with a 3seller roadshow which will show you how to make money with Mobile Broadband.

Ensure you take the time to attend, but more importantly act now, pick up the phone to your distributor or account manager and get the detail and the stock to start building your profits and your business.

2008 is the year of Mobile Broadband; make sure you are a part of it.'

Bernie O’Beirne
Director of Indirect Sales, 3.

Written by Mobile Today
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