BT boss: big demand for mobile email next year

BT boss: big demand for mobile email next year

2008 will see mobile emailing become the most important function to consumers, according to the product convergence boss at BT. 

Steve Andrews, MD of Strategy, Convergence & Products at the telephony giant, was speaking to Mobile for our ‘Predictions of 2008 feature.  Here are his comments in full:

‘2008 will be the year of media on the move. The ability to email on the move will be a far bigger attraction for consumers than the design of the mobile device, while in the business market we will see business applications such as sale force applications mobilised faster than ever before.

’As the online streaming and download market accelerates, we will also see the gradual demise of the DVD.

‘Increasingly, online communities will not only pervade our social but our business lives too. BT Tradespace is a good example of this as an online community that brings small businesses, individual sellers and potential customers together.

‘Our human desires will be no different in 2008 - staying connected, communicating, being informed and entertaining ourselves and friends as much as possible. The difference is that we will have more tools and technologies at our disposal to help us to do exactly that.’ 

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