Sky: The mobile industry needs more awareness

Sky: The mobile industry needs more awareness

Stephen Nuttall, Director of Commercial Group for BSkyB, said: ‘The biggest obstacle right now is awareness rather than attractiveness of the proposition. We’ve already got hundreds of thousands of subscribers using video content, but we’re still at early adopter stage.’

He added: ‘For the next 12 months, the key issues are awareness and marketing, not technology. The job is showing people that it is available. Too many people currently don’t believe that they will get the real Sky Sports on their phone, and that’s something we need to fix.

‘As far as technology is concerned, you might see improvements with more people pushing HSDPA networks and HSDPA handsets, and more handsets will have better screens and batteries.

‘In the next 12 months it will be evolution not revolution. So, as an industry, the task everyone will be focused on next year as far as content is concerned is to get more people to know what’s possible. The networks and content owners, such as us, will have the primary burden of the marketing. We will continue to market our services as actively as we are able. Networks will do the same, they have every interest to do that.

‘Manufacturers (backed by the networks) can support this too. Our technology is pre-installed on Motorola handsets. It makes a big difference when services work out of the box. We don’t expect Motorola to be the last one. Retail stores are an effective place to show consumers what is possible with demonstrations.

‘The content is of high quality, the technology has made the service right, the pricing is simple and fair. Awareness will be the issue for 2008.’

Written by Mobile Today
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