Networks push low-end handsets

Networks push low-end handsets

A dash for ‘bargain basement’ customers has been the picture painted by senior figures in the industry about the final few weeks of 2007.

Prepay handset prices fell below £10 in several outlets, notably on Orange, where the Nokia 2310 sold for £9. Orange was also offering several Alcatel and LG handsets under £10 and £20 – prices that many believe are high risk for box breaking.

Many box breakers exploit the rich deals in the Christmas market to buy heavily subsidised handsets and sell them overseas at the global trade price.

One senior industry executive said: ‘Some of the networks were throwing silly money on deals. And at that bargain basement end of the market there’s very little quality.’

Orange and O2 were also giving away free Sims in what was viewed by many as a last attempt to reach targets.

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