Yahoo opens up to third party developers

Yahoo opens up to third party developers

Yahoo has opened up its mobile application, Yahoo Go, to third party developers. MTV, eBay and MySpace have already created widgets for the Yahoo Go 3.0 Widget Gallery, and Yahoo hopes to get more content owners excited, the company’s CEO Jerry Yang announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The internet giant’s new platform reduces costs for developer by making their widgets immediately compatible with all handsets able to run Yahoo Go 2.0, the earlier version of the application, currently numbering over 300 models. Handset compatibility is one of the biggest costs for mobile application developers, as the apps have to be rewritten for each handset model. Further reducing costs to developers, Yahoo already has deals with handset manufacturers, including LG, Motorola and Access, to embed the application on handsets.

Widgets developed on Yahoo’s platform use XLM based language called Blueprint, making them accessible through the mobile internet as well as the Yahoo Go application.

Yahoo will also make versions of its mobile services compatible with other mobile platforms, including Google’s Android platform and the iPhone.

In addition to launching the new version of its mobile application, the company is also revamping its mobile internet site. Yahoo Go 3.0 and the new site are still in early beta, only available in the U.S., but will soon be accessible by consumers worldwide.

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