Rumours of 3G iPhone and ‘sub notebook’

Rumours of 3G iPhone and ‘sub notebook’

Macworld kicks off today in San Francisco, and we’ll be following the news from the annual gathering of Apple fans. New connected Apple products are expected to be announced throughout the week.

One of the most hyped and much rumoured Apple products, which most online Apple bloggers believe will be launched at the event, is the Apple sub-notebook; an ultra slim, ultra light laptop.

On the mobile side, there is speculation that the much-awaited 3G iPhone could be announced at the event. The 2.5G iPhone, demonstrated for the first time at last year’s Macworld, is lacking in some capabilities, which are taken for granted in most new high-end handsets, such as MMS and high-speed connectivity.

Two months ago Apple boss Steve Jobs announced he was opening up the iPhone, and allowing third-party developers to create software for the device. Following this announcement, Apple could be bringing out new software – either in-house or by a third party – for the iPhone. The company prides itself on constantly adding value to the iPod with software updates, and is likely to do the same for the iPhone.

Rumours of a deal between Apple and Twentieth Century Fox for iTunes movie rentals on iPods and iPhones have also emerged, and the deal is expected to be made official at the show.



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